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Cleopatra 2 - Overview

You can now check out this free version of the Cleopatra slot machine (below) that I have recently added to the Cleopatra 2 site (along with the Bitten slot which is a Cleopatra 2 clone) but before you start playing, a little information that is worth remembering if you intend to play Cleopatra for real money. The online version of Cleopatra 2 has an RTP (expected Return To Player) of 95.13% regardless of where you play it. This is invariably higher than the Cleopatra slot machine you find in land casinos but it's worth remembering that it's a high variance slot game. What this means is that you can go long periods of time without any big wins and especially pertinent in the case of Cleoptatra 2, you really need a good bonus round to walk away with a profit.

But because the free spins can award up to 50x multipliers, if you are lucky enough to start landing good wins during a feature the potential is there for a mega-huge win. Being high variance (equates to high risk) though, don't expect this to happen very often. Although you do tend to get the feature more regularly than on many slot machines, the payouts are often mediocre at best.

If you would prefer a lower variance version of Cleopatra then try the version of the very popular and original Cleopatra slot machine which gives you more bang for your buck. The main difference is that while Cleopatra 2 had big multipliers in the bonus spins, the original Cleopatra gives you 15 spins at 3x every time, with retriggers of course.

I wish you great prosperity!

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